3 Cheapest SaaS Help Desk apps

What is "SaaS"?

SaaS - Software-as-a-Service - basically means you don't have to install anything, you simply use the software on the web.

Why SaaS?

To save yourself from maintenance costs, hardware headaches and other painful worries. Modern SaaS-apps can even integrate with your internal databases, websites and catalogs via API and built-in features.

Let's review the cheapest ones.


Sherpadesk. With this helpdesk your first agent is always free. So if you're just a freelancer - go for it. As you grow your small company further, it's going to be $9 for every new agent you add.

Jitbit Helpdesk

Jitbit's SaaS Desk is the only Saas helpdesk app that is not priced "per user". You just pick a "tier" and pay a fixed amount monthly. For instance, for $129 a month you get 10 agents which makes it only $12 each. There are even smaller plans (all the way down to $29 a month total). What's even cooler is that you can go for the $199 plan which is totally unlimited. Even if you have like 1000 agents working in your service desk - no problem.


Desk.com offers a $3 plan that includes 3 agents. But the software version is very basic, they're using it to upsell the full version to you. Which is $39 a month for every new technician you add to the system.