Top 4 Help Desk systems to watch in 2016

The helpdesk software market changes quickly, new players come and go every year. Here are the most interesting apps for 2016


HelpScout has been reviewed on this site a few times already, and they're still worth checking, if you're looking for a new helpdesk app in 2016. Some people like the app's way of sending emails - it looks like a completely non-automated response from a human being - you don't know you're talking to a helpdesk app (even though some big companies do have a policy that requires the emails look automted, like "your request has been logged"). The app does a nice job keeping customer profiles (auto-populated info, previous history etc). One of the downsides is the lack of an Android app.


Jitbit used to be a multi-product company once, but in 2016 they have announced they're going "all in" with their hepdesk, shutting all other products down. And I love that. In 2016 this helpdesk (which was already pretty strong on the feature set - that fits both small teams and big enterprise-size companies) has presented many nifty features. Including "user-lookup" (pulls user information from external databases), Trello integration, Slack integration and many other. Also, this is the only helpdesk app that offers an "on-premise" version which you can use behind your firewall. Summing up - this helpdesk is still one of the best out there and the company is really responsive to feedback. I might sound biased - well because I am.

Teamwork is a very successful project management app that has recently added a helpdesk solution to their line of products. The company caims they created the app based on their own experience dealing with customer support queries. The app has all the features you would need, works on all devices (iOS/Android phones and tablets). Even though I wouldn't chose this helpdesk as a company's internal support tool that connects employees with the IT guys. Also, the UI looks like a Wordpress template, but that's just my personal opnion. Also Teamwork is probably the best option if you're already using other Teamwork projects.


Groove is a funded company that pretends to be self-funded. In a good way. They share their journey openly in their blog which atrracts lots of following from the startup camp. The app is very nice though, comes with a built-in live chat, and positions itself as a "helpdesk for small teams/businesses". I like the simple user interface and the mobile-compatible support widget that offer KB articles automatically