About HelpdeskReviews

We've been getting a lot of questions lately, like "who are you guys?" and "how can we trust your reviews?" or even "how do we buy a link form your site".

OK. My name is Vic Malin, I've worked in technical support for almost 20 years - either software companies or software departments inside bigger organizations - two banks, one insurance company etc. Basically, I've tried a sh*t-ton of different helpdesk software apps. I decided to launch this non-profit website with my associate because I was getting sick and tired of the "review sites" like GetApp where 99% of reviews are actually sponsored (thats why the "salesy" language). Our site has "normal" reviews - just one or two paragraphs pointing out the pros and cons. My opinions are personal and biased. Sometimes I curse. Also I'm a bad writer. And by the way I have a dayjob so I update this website only once every couple of months.

If you want to list your helpdesk app - consider the user reviews section. If you're interested in a "featured" review on our website, please link to us and let us know. We'll include into one of our roundups.